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It all began with a dream, a dream to change the perception of the word "Syria." A word that has flooded the media and people's minds to the extent that it always brought a negative connotation. Rarely did anyone know anything about Syria prior to the war. 


"I couldn't stand the pity and sad eyes when I told people I was from Syria. There had to be a way to show the hidden gems of Syria, the gems the Syrian people had brought with them from across the Mediterranean.” 

Back in September 2017 Yara, a design consultant, come across three women who had a lot more than the words Syria and refugee; they shared a passion: cooking Syrian food with love.  


It was not long before this passion become a social enterprise called "From Syria with Love." A catering company that aims to empower and give purpose to Syrian housewives who now call Belgium home. 

The mission is not just to empower the women and tickle the tastebuds of the tasters; it's a bigger vision to blur the lines between the locals and the new comers. read more about us in the media

From Syria, with Love: food for the soul... coming from the heart  

Over ons

Our story

"Syrië is meer dan oorlog. Het land heeft een rijke geschiedenis én een heerlijke keuken. Yara Al-Adib, een Syrische vrouw in haar nieuwe thuisland België, heeft naast haar echte baan als design-consultant, een traiteurdienst opgestart"

The Team

The devoted team(s)


Yara, the founder and manager is from Damascus and is 35 years old
She has been in Belgium 8 years now.


FIRST Antwerp team as of Sep 2017 and up until Jul 2023.

Dhyaa is from Aleppo 
Ahlam is from Homs 

Sabah is from Aleppo 

Wassan is from Baghdad

Now that we moved to Turnhout, we recruited a new team from the neighbourhood, with the blessings and beautiful closure from the Antwerp team, of course :)

NEW Turnhout team as of Jan 2024

Aisha is from Homs 
Fatima is from Daraa 
Nisreen is from Aleppo 

Bushra is from Aleppo 

Rana is from Mousl
Shadan is from Mousl

read more about us in the media...

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