Group of 15 people? Lets begin with your preferred buffet combo...

Select your desired catering formula. Prices include 6% VAT
Ask for delivery and service, they are available for an extra rate

Daily/ Reception Combo

14 euros per person

4 dish buffet/reception 
for at least 15 people


1 main course (or 1 fingerfood)
1 salad, 1 dip 
(or 2 fingerfoods)
1 coffee cookie


Gathering Combo

21 euros per person

6 dish buffet

for at least 20 people 

1 main course 
1 salad2 dips
1 finger food
1 dessert

Party Combo

28 euros per person

8 dish buffet

for at least 30 people 

2 main courses 
1 salad2 dips
2 finger foods
1 dessert

Gala Combo

36 euros per person

10 dish buffet

for at least 40 people 

2 main courses 
2 salads2 dips
2 finger foods
2 desserts

Cooked and prepared for pick up from Gitschotellei 268, 2140 Antwerpen 

to deliver you a custom made service based your needs...

We will take care of the dish selection according to seasonal availability 
BUT we would like to know if you have a few favourites from the menu here...

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