Syrian cooking workshops, for 10+ people, seasoned with passion...

Start by specifying your desired workshop type and then send us an email to tell us more. 
Prices include 6% VAT

At your location
36 euros
 per person

prepare 4 dishes in your home or origination
Duration: 2 hours

*main + salad + fingerfood or dip +  dessert

At our location
42 euros
 per person

prepare 4 dishes in our space & enjoy the full dining experience

Duration: 3 hours

*main + salad + fingerfood or dip +  dessert + drinks

Workshops could take place at your store in Antwerp if space is available
We could come to your location anywhere in Belgium
[we only need basic kitchen and working space]
a minimum of 10 and up to 27 people per cooking session at our location
[we can take more people if you have big working space]

You can browse through our menu to see the various possible dishes we can prepare together 
We look forward to the fruitful interactions and knowledge exchange! 

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